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...The world's first economically sustainable production of germ-free eggs and antibodies.

• Ovagen is a biotechnology company that has developed a patented process of producing germ free (GF) chicken eggs and GF birds in commercial quantities for use primarily in the pharmaceutical industry. Ovagen can also provide a Contract Research Service and has extensive expertise in SPF poultry housing & husbandry, in specific poultry research technologies to GMP standards and in avian transgenics.  

• Our innovative disruptive technology will be a game changer for the vaccine industry as currently eggs produced from clean or SPF laying flocks can be infected with bacteria and viruses therefore Germ-free eggs provide many advantages over current sources of eggs including: A safe, biosecure, large scale, flexible and cost effective biomanufacturing platform for the production of vaccines and therapeutic proteins

• Zero contamination from germ free eggs and increased viral yield
- Leads to cost saving and greater continuity of supply and superior quality vaccines
- Removes the risk of egg-derived contamination of vaccines, eliminating batch losses and ensuring companies can meet demand.  This is essential as the world comes to grips with COVID-19 and future pandemics creating enormous demand for vaccines

• GF eggs are produced to GMP fully compliant with USDA Memo 800.65 and European Pharmacopoeia requirements.

Applications of Germ Free (GF) Eggs/Cells/Tissues

1. Conventional (prophylactic) vaccines
- Whole egg
- Primary cell cultures
- MVA-based (e.g. bioterrorism vaccines)
- Other pox virus based vaccines

2. Therapeutic vaccines
- Cancer vaccines (e.g. MVA-based Cervical (HPV) vaccine, Lung (NSC) vaccines)
- Infections agents (e.g. HIV)

3. Pharmaceutical (e.g. hyaluronic acid, phospholipids)

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Ovagen Ovagen
Ovagen Ovagen Ovagen Ovagen



First generation germ-free flocks

  • Avian Isolators, Incubators
  • Laboratories (Microbiology and Transgenic)
  • R&D
  • Head Office


Ovagen Group Limited
Co. Mayo,

Eircode: F26PC79.

T. +353 (0)96 75579
E. info@ovagen.com


1. Antibodies
- Egg derived IgY
- Polyclonal antibody production in a range of species
- Monoclonal antibody production for therapeutics/diagnostics using avian transgenic technology
- Animal immunisation for production of recombinaint antibody fragments

2. Recombinant Proteins
- The avian transgenic platform can be used for general, large-scale production of proteins to GMP quality
- Functional protein yields in excess of 5mg/ml

3. SPF housing
- Customised maintenance of avian species to SPF standards
- Maintenance of specialised SPF avian flocks
- Rederivitisation of avian species to SPF, Gnotobiotic or Germ Free status

4. Other Services
- Supply of Germ Free avian products
- Supply of avian serum/plasma
- Production of egg yolk for semen extenders



Fully self contained

  • Fully equipped and dedicated transgenic laboratory
  • High definition imaging system and microinjection capabilities
  • Dedicated incubation facilities
  • 1000msq SPF housing
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Ovagen Ovagen