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The Ovagen team has a wealth of experience. Our Research and Development team have 100 years of combined life-sciences related R&D experience. Our CEO's previous venture was sold in 2002 to Charles River Laboratories Inc and our Operational team has a combined 75 years of life-science related experience.

• Ovagen is a biotechnology company that has developed a process of producing germ free (GF) chicken eggs and GF birds in commercial quantities for use primarily in the pharmaceutical industry. The company can also offer large sale production of recombinant proteins to GMP standard using a transgenic chicken plaform,

• Ovage has a custom antibody service, focussing on the production of high quality IgY antibodies. The company can also carry out other contract based research. All contract research can be carried out to GLP/GMP standard

• Ovagen has received patent protection in both Europe and the US for the process by which it produces GF eggs and further patent approvals are pending.

• The Company has achieved proof of concept (GF chickens have been bred through 3 generations) and funds have been raised for the construction of a production facility which will be used to produce the initial flocks of GF birds (for subsequent expansion into new large-scale GF facilities) and GF eggs, initially for customer validation.

• To produce GF eggs on a large-scale, Ovagen will use sterile manufacturing technologies as developed in the pharmaceutical industry in conjunction with biosafety decontamination techniques and best-practice poultry husbandry methods.

• The Company intends creating a facility that will have the capacity to produce more than 3 million eggs per annum

• The methods used by Ovagen are covered by significant IP protection including granted patents

• Sectors Targetted: Pharmaceutical, Biopharma, Diagnostic, Research Institutes






Leonard Moran (Dip. Ag. Sci., F.I.Biol., F.I.A.T., A.I.S.T.).
Chief Technical Officer
Leonard has led the business since inception and was the primary driver of the development of the Ovagen process to produce GF eggs. Prior to establishing Ovagen, Leonard founded Biological Laboratories Europe Limited (Biolabs). Leonard has amassed a wide range of GF technology skills and these have enabled him with the others in the management team to perfect the Ovagen process. Prior to founding Biolabs, Leonard spent 8 years with the British Medical Research Council (MRC) from 1968-76 where he focused on clinical research and specifically breeding SPF animals. In addition he has a wealth of practical operational and construction experience associated with biological facilities.

Dr. Catherine Caulfield (B.Sc., Ph.D., HDE, MBA, C.Biol., F.I.Biol)
Chief Executive Officer
Catherine is responsible for spearheading the operational development of the business at Ovagen. Her business acumen has guided the company through its earlier research stages and now plays a key role in commercialization. Catherine, with Leonard Moran, was the co-founder of Biological-Laboratories Europe Limited (BioLabs). In BioLabs Europe with a team of enthusiastic, committed and professional staff, Catherine spearheaded the development of the company. She held management positions ranging from Quality Manager to CEO, a position she enjoyed for 14 years. As CEO, BioLabs revenue increased by over 800% and when the company was sold in 2002, Catherine was pivotal in the successful integration of the new structure, having responsibility for the strategic, financial and operational leadership of the business. Dr. Caulfield has held many Board Memberships including the West Regional Board of Enterprise Ireland, The Irish National Accreditation Board (INAB), The National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI), and The Irish Council for Science Technology and Innovation (ICSTI). In 2009, she was appointed to the Governing Authority of the National University of Ireland, Galway and was a recipient of NUI Galway's prestigious Alumni Award for Natural Science, acknowledging her demonstrated excellence in the field of natural science industries.

Dr. Iain Shaw (B.Sc., Ph.D.)
Senior Scientist
Iain Shaw is a Senior Research Fellow and received his PhD in Veterinary Medicine from the Royal Veterinary College/Institute for Animal Health Compton. His research focussed on the development of recombinant subunit vaccines to viral diseases of chickens and understanding the molecular mechanisms of their action. Iain subsequently joined National University of Ireland Galway as a Senior Scientist further developing the technologies surrounding peptide based vaccination startegies for agricultural species. During this time Iain also led research projects producing recombinant antibody fragments in chickens for use in the diagnostic field. Iain joined Ovagen in 2009 initially to carry out research for an EU funded programme developing transgenic technologies for the large sclae production of recombinaint antibodies in chickens for the use in purification of stem cells from human bone marrow. Iain has also been the lead Ovagen scientist on collaborative projects with the Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh, working closely with Professor Helen Sang to develop the transgenic technology for the production of whole recombinant antibodies for use in cancer therapies. Iain also provides the scientific lead in the Ovagen antibody contract production service.

Oliver Timlin
Financial Controller




Facilities (2500msq)

  • First generation germ-free flocks
  • Isolators, Incubators
  • Laboratories
  • Pilot scale (25%) commercial production
  • R&D
  • Head Office

Lower Floor Provides:

  • SPF flocks
  • Large Germ-Free (GF) Isolators
  • GF suite for flock of 1000 birds
  • GF 'space' suits & decontamination showers
  • GF feed handling
  • GF egg collection & packaging

Upper Floor Provides:

  • SPF showers
  • Incubating/Hatching Isolators
  • Transport Isolators
  • Laboratories & QA
  • Head Offices
  • Site BMS & IT facilities

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